Spending A Fortune Everytime You Travel? You Might Be Making These Rookie Mistakes

Spending A Fortune Everytime You Travel? You Might Be Making These Rookie Mistakes

Travel can be a lot of fun. It can also be cheap if you do it right. The seasoned travellers among you will know how to get the best deals. Those that haven’t got much experience could end up making costly mistakes! Not knowing what you’re doing could end up costing you over the odds. People can spot a novice from miles away. The first thing you can do to save yourself money is hide the fact you don’t know what you’re doing.

That’s not the only way to save, though. Here are some mistakes that too many first-time travellers make!


We all love the idea of a holiday in the height of summer. For some reason, jetting off seems like a better idea in August, when our summer is well under way. The trouble is, prices at that time of year are in their prime. Because of the number of people jetting off, everything costs more. From flights to accommodation, you’ll be paying above the odds! If you have the choice, visit at a different time of year. Choose a destination that experiences hot weather all year round, so you don’t miss out on the sun. Off-peak booking will make your travels a lot easier because everything will be that bit quieter! Do your research into the cheapest time of year to travel, and book up then instead!


Booking too late is another travel mistake that’s sure to cost you. Last minute flights can be pricey. Make sure to plan your trips well in advance. Booking too early could cost you, too, as you could miss out on deals that crop up nearer the time. Knowing when you plan to go away will allow you to keep an eye on the prices. Don’t settle for the first deal you see, either. Shop around a little to ensure you get the best deal.


We all love the idea of a holiday home we can make use of, right? Yes. But timeshares rarely pay off the way we intend. We’ve all heard the sales pitch. Timeshares sound like something you can’t lose out on. Of course, the reality is different. Plus, there’s the issue of having to sign a contract. If you’ve fallen prey to a timeshare you can’t get out of, hire timeshare release solicitors to help you. And next time you go away, don’t listen to the pitch! It’ll cost you.


There’s risk of theft anywhere, even when you’re at home. Because of your tourist status when you go away, you become a prime target. If you’re not used to travelling, you’ll make many mistakes that alert thieves to your presence. Lose that expensive camera from your neck for a start. Think, too, about where you keep your money. Don’t leave your wallet for anyone to grab. Wearing a bum bag under your clothes may not be the best look, but it’s the safest place to keep your travel funds!