Spring. The season that can’t come soon enough. We’ve been battling this wind and rain for too long this winter, it’s about time for a new start. We’ve all had enough of this drowsy weather, its time to put some cheer into our style. The days will be brighter and the shoppers will be happier, all because we can start putting colour into our outfits.

If you’re looking to revamp your wardrobe for the spring and add a touch of vibrancy to your style choice then here’s the first steps you will need to take. And it all starts with a spring jacket…

Multiple trends are floating around this month but floral is becoming a major theme this season. The Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda spring/summer 2014 collection depicted this enchanting style through pastel colours and feminine floral designs. As we all know, the season is known for its springs colourful blooms. It looks fresh and feminine which is perfect for this delicate season.

ASOS Blazer In Floral Print With Contrast LapelThe first spring jacket we’re loving at the moment is blazers. They’re not to warm to wear but you won’t feel cold in them either, perfect for that temperamental weather spring is known for. Blazers give of a smart independent look and you can get them in many styles and colours. They’re found absolutely everywhere, so you’ll have no trouble finding your perfect piece. Pair your choice of blazer with a floral blouse and you’re bound to look like you’ve just stepped of the catwalk.

Example: ASOS Blazer In Floral Print With Contrast Lapel


Boohoo.com Liza Studded PU Biker JacketOn the other hand if you’re more of a rock chic girl then another piece we’re loving is leather jackets. The thinner material keeps you cooler and the look in whole looks wild and rebellious. Black is the signature colour however that doesn’t mean you have to stick to the rules. Be a rebel and go colourful, that’s what it’s all about. Blues and browns are a favorite when it comes to leather jackets and is also currently trending within the high street retailers. From Forever21 to Boohoo.com, coloured leather jackets are in. Add some cool accessories and chunky jewelry to give it that extra edge. You’re sure to be rocking the biker-chic look!

Example: Boohoo.com Liza Studded PU Biker Jacket

Zara bomber jacketOur last must-have spring jacket is the 80’s fashion style bomber jacket. The well known fashion piece was brought back into the scene with designers such as House of Holland and Phillip Lim recreating the jackets for their spring/summer collection 2014. Known for it’s creative flair, bomber jackets are perfect if you want to take the fun retro route.

Example:  Zara Bomber Jacket


So, here’s our three top jackets for the season, each one creating a whole new look. From rebellious to retro there’s something for everyone. Let’s get this season of to a creative start and try something new. Fashion is all about experimenting and trying new things, you can never stick to just one style. Our style tip of the week is to be fun and adventurous.

And who knows, you may find something you’d never thought you would wear.