The sun is appearing more often and the days aren’t as cold as they used to be. Plus everyone seems to be brightening up along with the weather which means it’s the perfect time to start brightening up your wardrobe.

This season one item that is sure to fit the bill is a new skirt. If you’re willing to show some leg or feel as though it’s to chilly then you can wear tights underneath. They are ideally versatile for this season.

 Skirts are feminine and stylish but also give of an essence of luxury depending on what type of skirt you wear. They’re extremely popular within teenage girls as their fashionable and can make a massive fashion statement if worn with style. There are so many styles to choose from including skater skirts, denim skirts, mini skirts and pencil skirts. You just can’t go wrong.

But it’s not just about what a skirt can do to your appearance; it’s what you wear with it to create your appearance.

ASOS Skater Skirt in Leather Look

The most wanted style this past year is skater skirts. From leather to cotton they have been a big must-have. Some people turn their outfits a little quirky and wear an oversized jumper over them while others are more daring and pair their skater skirt with a crop top. It all depends on your own style and how you want to wear it. If you’re a subtle person then why not just wear it with a t-shirt? Its pretty simplistic.

Leather skater skirts usually come in black which is convenient as you can wear anything with black. We recommend to go for colours such as black and white or red to be on the safe side. Red and black is a frequent combination and contrasts well together (pure white may wash you out if you’re not careful so be aware of that tip). Even shades of blue such as sky blue, royal blue and turquoise looks good.

Fuchsia is also an option. 

If you’re a businesswoman or want to have an air of prestigious and class then pencil skirts look great as a work look. Paired with a blouse and blazer the combination looks mature and sophisticated.

Subtle colours such as pastels and neutral patterns would look amazing for the day time. However, pencil skirts can also look great on a night out. Delve into deeper and darker colours and add some jewelry to set the look.

Finish with heavier makeup and you’ll be ready to go.   So there you have it. Different types of skirts you can flaunt this spring. Any high street stores or online retailers offer a range of fabulous skirts, you just need to find the right piece that you feel comfortable in. Don’t be afraid to give something a try, mix up the look a bit.

Be a bit more daring; we can finally make the most of fashion without being weighed down by constant layers and before we know it summer will be on its way!