Bookshelf: 3 books about self-love

Take some extra time to nourish yourself. Take yourself out for a lunch. Explore a new neighborhood. This week on Bookshelf, we’ve compiled a list of books that will help you to nourish your mind and body. These inspirational reads from self-love advocates will help you reignite your positive relationship with yourself and your life.  The beauty myth by Naomi Wolf | The myth of female beauty challenges every woman, every day of her life. Wolf exposes the tyranny of the beauty myth through the ages and its oppressive function today, in the home and at work, in literature and the media, in relationships…

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Is Reading Becoming Redundant? 3 Reasons To Fall In Love With Books Again

Is Reading Becoming Redundant? 3 Reasons To Fall In Love With Books Again

In an age of computers, tablets, apps, and selfies, you could be forgiven for thinking the humble book has been replaced by the screen. Whilst there are huge benefits of technology we shouldn’t be so quick to abandon print and good old-fashioned publishing. If your love affair with books is over, read this list and we promise you’ll become besotted all over again… Escapism One of the great things about books is the escapism they offer. You could say that film offers the same kind of escape, but reading allows you to enjoy the world the author has created all…

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Bookshelf: Books We Want to Read This Spring

Bookshelf: The Books We Want to Read This Spring

“Spring is the time of plans and projects.” ― Leo Tolstoy Welcome to our new project called ‘Bookshelf’! Blix is all about finding a joy in something new; whether it’s via learning, sharing or experiencing. To inspire our readers for better, healthier and happier lifestyle we are launching Bookshelf series; features promoting the best reads,new releases and handpicked recommendations to help us excel in every aspect of our daily lives. From the global insights of Gary Klein to life experiences of Fearne Cotton; here’s our reading list for this Spring.  We: A Manifesto for Women Everywhere Imagine a sisterhood – across all creeds and…

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