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Ultimate Feel Good Careers

Now, more than ever, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to careers.  Schools offering subjects to study such as photography or beauty at GCSE level means we are more aware, and better prepared, for a variety of super cool jobs.  Unfortunately this has lead to a shortage of…


Turn Your Passion Into A Pay Cheque: Careers To Start In 2017

The New Year might just be the time for you to start thinking about your next career move. Whether you’re currently happy in your job, or you’ve been contemplating changing careers, the turn of the year could be perfect timing for you. If you have a hobby that you’re passionate…


3 Ways To Find The Best Candidate For Your Company

Perhaps you’ve opened and re-opened this vacancy for an important position at your organisation countless times. Perhaps you’ve always made the same mistake of hiring somebody who you thought was the right fit, but ended up being a disappointment, or left when they decided the company really wasn’t for them…

Could A Career In Law Be Right For You. Read more on blixmagazine.com

Could A Career In Law Be Right For You?

What makes a person suit an occupation? It’s a question that many have tried to answer, but there is no exact formula for getting it right. Despite what some school testing would suggest, you can’t pick from a list of multiple-choice answers and get the right result. Two people who,…