That MasterChef Feeling – From Enthusiastic Amateur To Pro Chef

That MasterChef Feeling - From Enthusiastic Amateur To Pro Chef

Have you ever watched those bits in Masterchef where they race against the clock to get the ice cream set before it gets judged, and thought I could do that? Then it may be time to consider a career change to become a professional chef. However, contrary to popular opinion becoming a chef isn’t always glamorous. In reality, it includes long hours, low pay in the beginning, and tons and tons of hard work. But if you feel the call to do what you love and create delicious dishes for people to eat, then check out our guide below.

Practice, practice, practice

The number one thing that you have to do if you want to make cheffing a career is to get in kitchen and practice.  It doesn’t matter if you can talk the big talk, and wax lyrical about all sorts of cooking. If you can’t actually cook things successfully in a consistent manner, you will not get a job.

That is why before you leap into this career you need to get as much practice in the kitchen as possible. Cook, bake, prepare. Cook for large volumes of people so you get used to batching food.

Constant practice in the kitchen will refine your art. As well as prove to yourself and other that you have the passion and commitment in to make it as a professional chef.


Of course, it’s not just practice that is important to being a chef, you also need to have a certain amount of equipment too.

When you first start out, you will need chef’s whites, and some safety shoes to protect your feet from burns while you are working. You will also need a great set of knives to ply your trade with. But before you part with money for your knives, research the types and sizes that you will need. To do this, you can get more information by clicking the link.


Being a chef is a specialized position, and so it requires a fair bit of knowledge. There are different ways of gaining this. Some people choose to work their way up from being a kitchen assistant or commis chef.

These are the lowest positions in the kitchen. They usually consist of fetching and carrying items for the other chefs and basic preparation. Although it might not sound too glamorous, it is actually a fabulous way to start your career in food.

This is because you are, in fact getting on the job experience, as well as being exposed to the kitchen environment, and the other chefs that work there. Show commitment and willingness to learn, and you will find that they will be happy to help you learn skills to further your career progression.  

The other route into catering is to attend culinary school. Culinary schools are educational institutions, run by universities that focus specifically on teaching you how to master cooking. They also teach business classes which cover the aspect of running a restaurant or catering business.

An advantage of culinary school is that you can specialize in the different type of cuisine such as pastry and you will have a professional qualification which can help you get hired in some of the more well-known restaurants.