Time For A Career Change?

Are you considering the idea of getting a new job but aren't sure what's for you? Here's a list of the jobs that are always hiring.

Are you considering the idea of getting a new job but aren’t sure what’s for you? Here’s a list of the jobs that are always hiring.

Supply Teachers

Schools and Colleges are always searching for supply teachers. This is someone who teaches a class when the usual teacher is unavailable due to illness, personal leave or any other reason. Simply Education offers many teaching jobs around the UK.


Companies are always looking for receptionists ready to help. The duties include greeting people and dealing with the client’s needs. This could be in a vets surgery, an office or any other business.

Registered Nurses

Hospitals and other health facilities are forever on the lookout for nurses. There are all sorts of duties you may find yourself doing like educating patients and the public about different health conditions, providing advice and emotional support to patients and their family, coordinating patient care, and keeping records and reporting any symptoms or change within the patient’s. There can never be enough nurses in the system, which is why they are always hiring.


Cleaning can take you anywhere. You work for an agency, but the agency aren’t the ones you clean for, they are the people that send you on your jobs. Think of it as having a manager. They find the jobs; you do the work.

Waiting Staff

You must be somewhat social to be a waitress (or waiter), as you see new people every day in a fast-paced environment. Your role mostly includes greeting customers, taking their order and then bringing out their food and beverages.


There is always promotional work out there. Whether it’s for a marketing company or even a nightclub, there are many opportunities from many different companies. You have to be confident to do this job as sometimes you are required to stop strangers in the street and start a conversation with them.

Retail Sales Manager

This is someone responsible for the day-to-day services of a retail store, customer service representatives, and other employees. Retail sales managers deal with the interview process, the hiring and training of new employees. They also prepare schedules and assign duties to current employees.


These jobs involve driving just about anything, including a catering truck, a taxi, a tour bus, or a construction equipment vehicle. You will constantly be on the road, so that is something to consider if you have a family at home.

If you’ve got a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License), then pick up a truck driving job and travel the country.

Customer Service

Working as a customer service representative typically includes listening and responding to clients needs and concerns. They provide information about products and services, take care of orders, determine charges, and deal with billing and payments.


This is a type of direct marketing where a salesperson finds prospective customers to buy products or services. This can either be done over the phone, through a subsequent face to face meeting or even via video chat.