Top Tips: How to Successfully Sell a Property

3 tips to know when selling your propertyPhoto: Pixabay

A lot of people underestimate the task of selling property. But it can be a pretty daunting and complex task. That’s why there is so much help you can hire during the process! If you’re selling a property, you should be taking all of these things into consideration.

What you’re selling it for

The reason you’re selling the home may very well dictate how you’re going to sell it. It may determine the speed at which you need to sell it. This may also affect the value at which you end up selling the place. If you’re an investor that doesn’t need a quick sale, you have the luxury of time at your side. Of course, that depends on how quickly you need the money!

If you’re simply a family who are looking to move home, then it will be different. You’ll want to sell the place fairly quickly, but you’ll also want the best price you can get. Pretty much any reason for selling a property is going to determine how you go about it and what results you can expect. Of course, it may even be your job to sell the property. If you’re working in real estate, then you may want to look into realtor franchise. This can be a long-term aid for any business that needs to sell property.

Determining the best price

This can be a very tricky part of the process. Some people believe that it’s the simplest. After all, it isn’t that hard to find out what the home is worth, right? What I would suggest here is not to jump to any conclusions. You should do your best to get to your estimate from as many angles as possible. Get a valuation performed on your home by a professional assessor. If you can, find out what the other homes in your neighborhood are worth. This will give you a good idea of a reasonable asking price.

Of course, if you want to sell the home fast and for a good price? There’s a risky but increasingly popular method you can use. Once you’ve found out the value of the place, take 15% or so off the price. The idea is that you’re then flooded with potential buyers. What often happens is that all these people bidding against each other pushes the value beyond its original figure.

Take the home out

When people are looking around a property, they want to sell it in as “blank slate” a state as possible. It doesn’t matter what their purpose is. Investors will want to see it like that. Families looking for a new life will, too. They don’t want to see it as someone else’s home. They want to see it as a blank property that they can project their own futures onto.

So clear the property of as many personal items as you can. Make it look less homely and more “professional”. If there are any pets, hide them away for a while. Family photos shouldn’t be on display. Storage space should look as spacious as possible. A home stager may be able to help you get the home in the best visual state for a sale!

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