Fashion trends reflect what is happening in the world. Fashion Weeks in Milan, New York, London and Paris, have helped us to understand what will be fashionable in the new season. What colors and styles will be popular? What kind of shoes designers offer us this spring and summer? Over the next few weeks we will bring you the latest SS14 tips and  trends to help you be ahead of the fashion curve.

Read our guide on the catwalk trends and start a wish list for what’s going to be floating your boat in 2014.

Trend #1: Bright Colours

Let’s start off with determining main colour trends.  According to Pantone, the main colour of the season will be ‘radiant orchid’.

Soft, feminine and romantic are the words most frequently used to describe the SS14 collections.

 Here’s a tip: Adding colour into your wardrobe even by purchasing a coloured tee or some coloured accessories is the most simple and cost effective way of keeping on top of the new season.


Trend #2: Retro Chic

‘Back to the 60’s’ are one of the trends offered by designers in this season. 60’s were bright and expressive, so are the collections of Louis Vitton, Michael Kors, Moschino, Nina Ricci and Bottega Veneta. Retro theme is also reflected in the  collection of Miu Miu – vinyl mini skirts, knit leggings, high boots with lace. 



Trend #3: Stripes

 Stripes are another main trends of the upcoming season. Whether they are narrow or wide, horizontal or vertical,  multi or mono – be prepared to see them everywhere. Dolce & Gabbana, Marc Jacobs, Moscino, Balmain are among those designers emphasized  stripes in their new collections. However, if you’re thinking to follow this trend you should be very careful; horizontal stripes can make you look short and fat, vertical stripes can make you look tall and thin. 

Trend #4: Polka Dots

This is another trend from past. From very small polka dot patterns to a large circles, you can come across this trend in SS14 collections of Giorgio Armani, Chanel, Haider Ackermann, Nina Ricci and Versus.




Trend# 5: Minimalism

Sophisticated and discreet cut, pure color, architectural and drapery fabrics, a combination of transparent,opaque materials and  optical prints  – all these has also found a place in the collections of designers. 



Trend #6: Urban Look

This season city theme will be at the peak of popularity. Within this trend, we consider a safari style like Chloe, Bottega Veneta, Donna Karan, Givenchy Michael Kors, as well as prints depicting diverse landscapes and upbeat city life.





Trend #7: Frills and fringing

This season, fringes are growing on anything and everything: dangling from the hems of coats and dresses, embellishing evening gowns and cowgirl jackets; even trimming bikinis. Hermès, Balenciaga and McQueen are just some of the designer labels who featured fringing on their spring/summer catwalks. 


Trend #8: B&W


Balmein, Issey Miyake, Derek LamThe classic B&W will be in demand as never before. Black is considered appropriate in any situation and for different occasions: from business meetings to a nights out – you should definetily invest in a new fashionable piece. 



White is no exception. Think of summer…open air parties and dinners on cruise ships. Need we say more?