For A Memorable, Magical & Authentic Trip To Thailand Take These Ideas On Board

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Thailand has become an incredibly popular travel destination in recent years, with thousands of tourists flocking to this cultural, historic, and wonderfully tropical country.

Of course, for many travelers, the first thing that springs to mind when Thailand is mentioned is the capital city of Bangkok. Bangkok is, of course, on every traveler’s radar, but the bustling capital of this incredible country is far from the best part of it. More than anything, Bangkok is for show and is nothing like the real Thailand. This cultural country has a lot more to it than bars, nightclubs, and massage parlors.

To experience the ‘real’ Thailand and not the party city it has become famous for, take note of the tips and advice below.

Aim to spend at least a month exploring

The key to immersing yourself in Thai culture is to spend at least a month exploring this highly cultural country. What you want to do is have the time to explore as many regions as possible, see all of the most sacred sights, and understand more about what makes this Buddhist nation tick. Thailand is an incredible country and somewhere that has a lot to offer. As long as you are willing to immerse yourself in Thai culture, you should be able to see the authentic side of Thai life and understand what it involves.

Plan your time out

To ensure that you’re making the most of every second, it’s a good idea to plan your time out before you arrive. That way, you know what sights and attractions you can fit in and what may need to wait until your next visit. If there’s anything that’s particularly important to you, such as opting to volunteer in Thailand while you’re there, make sure to book this in advance, to ensure that you aren’t left disappointed.

Get to know local people

While you’re staying in Thailand, make an effort to chat with local people. Whenever you go to a new area, make an effort to speak to the local people. If you’re unsure about a certain sight or attraction or have a query about the area, don’t be afraid to ask someone who is local. Thai people are incredibly friendly and always happy to help, so there’s no need to worry about asking them for help with anything, from the best local sights to the best places to eat at.

Explore less well-known places

To make your trip as memorable and authentic as possible, consider exploring less well-known places as well as the more famous sights and attractions. When talking to local people, ask them if there are any must-see destinations in the area, and see what they say. You will be amazed at the incredible sights and attractions that are on offer that aren’t in any of the guidebooks.

So there you have it, all the best tips and ideas for planning a magical, memorable, and authentic trip to Thailand. This cultural country is so much more than meets the eye, and it’s important to understand that.