Ultimate Feel Good Careers

Ultimate Feel Good Careers - Blix Magazine

Now, more than ever, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to careers.  Schools offering subjects to study such as photography or beauty at GCSE level means we are more aware, and better prepared, for a variety of super cool jobs.  Unfortunately this has lead to a shortage of skills in areas that really matter for the future of our children and the country.

Whilst there are loads of stories in the news which may put you off a career in the Armed Forces, there are a number of reasons you should consider it.  Firstly, enrolling in the forces doesn’t mean signing away years of your life. You can serve 3 years and after that leave, with notice, at your will.  Whist you do have to consider the fact you will be sent on operational tours, you will also be sent on lots of exercises throughout the year.  This includes skiing, climbing, hiking and diving all over the world.  In fact this month the RLC held their skiing championships, open to all level skiers and some of the regiments were out training in Austria for a month.  That was paid fun, by the way.  With various bonding exercises like this you also are given the ability to study in a number of trades and qualifications which could boost your career options when you decide to leave.  It is definitely not a career to be taken lightly, but if you think it’s time for a career change that pushes your boundaries then it is well worth the consideration.

Ultimate Feel Good Careers - Blix Magazine

Our emergency services are another feel good career worth putting some thought into.  The Police force are usually first to attend any scene from fire, to an accident and of course crime.  There is a great pension scheme and the opportunity to be there, first hand, to support victims and help shoulder their pain a little.  Check out some of the physical requirements here.   A career in nursing is the ultimate job for anyone who wants to dedicate their life to caring about others.  It is an area that has dipped in popularity with pressures on the NHS but has not lost it’s rewarding nature. If you like the idea of being that face which we all rely on when we at our most vulnerable then see 360 Healthcare Staffing for info and take on a challenging but passionate job which will leave you feeling fulfilled.  

Finally, teaching is one of the most important jobs out there.  Influencing the minds of future generations and helping them grow into positive and exciting young adults.  You will find a variety of bursaries to help you train as a teacher and whilst your days will be stressful, remember how you were as a kid? You will be surprised and proud every day of your career.  You will have to ensure you have a clean record though, so make sure you stay out of trouble!

It’s never too late to switch your career path and take on a challenge which pushes your limits and helps other people everyday.  Just research everything and be brave!