The Unusual Careers That You’ve Probably Never Considered

Is your boring old job getting you down? We’ve all been there. Maybe you need a change of scenery and a new start. By taking a new route in your career, you can give your entire life a boost. But if you are going to get a new job and do something different, it should be something unusual. That way, you won’t get bored of it after a few months. Here are some unusual ideas that you’ve probably never considered before.

Ethical Hacker

You probably think hackers are bad people that try to steal information illegally. But that’s not what all hackers do. In fact, there is a legitimate career field known as ethical hacking. These hackers are employed by companies. They then try, with permission, to hack into a company’s system. The point of all this is to test how strong a company’s setup is. If it’s too easy to hack into a system, then the company will know that it has problems that need to be addressed quickly.

The Unusual Careers That You've Probably Never Considered

Private Investigating

We’ve all seen crime movies or read hard-boiled detective novels. And although the world of private investigating might not be as low-down and dirty as all that, it can still be interesting. Investigators look for clues, track people and search for things that their clients want to know about. It’s a varied and interesting kind of job. And it’s something that can pay very well if you seek out the right clients too.


You probably like drinking beer, so why not try brewing it? It’s something that more and more people are getting into. The craft beer scene has never been more vibrant or interesting, so now is a good time to get onboard. Many drinkers are moving away from the big global beer brands. Instead, they are trying out all the smaller brewers and craft beer companies that are out there. Of course, the market is pretty crowded, so you’ll have to do something unique to stand out.

The Unusual Careers That You've Probably Never Considered

Bike Courier

For people that enjoy cycling, there is no better job than being a bike courier. These people spend all day on their bikes moving from one place to the next as quickly as they can. They deliver parcels and letters from clients to their destinations. It’s all about speed and getting each job done as quickly as they possibly can. They often work through intermediary companies that give jobs to couriers for them to carry out. As long as you’re fit and alert enough to do it, it can be a lot of fun.


If you already work in the scientific world, then you could take a sideways step and become a flavourist. These are the people who are responsible for controlling the flavours we taste in the food we eat each day. It’s certainly a unique and interesting job to do. They tweak flavours, adding different things here and there, until they come up with a flavour for a particular food that they’re happy with.

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