That’s Amore: Alternative Valentines Gifts For Him

One For The Boys Valentines Gifts for Her

Has Christmas shopping left you a little light on ideas?  Valentine’s Day is just around the corner so we’re giving you a handy alternative gift guide to keep the man in your life happy and earn you some serious brownie points.

Go Traditional With A Dozen Red Roses

It isn’t cliched and it is not corny.  A delivery of flowers on any day will make even the saddest of us smile and men hardly ever get this kind of treat!  Roses are particularly special as they have, for years, been a symbol of love and romance.  Whilst 12 roses is tradition, you don’t have to stop there.  50 red roses arriving on your doorstep is a pretty fine gesture and flowers are not gender specific! Plus if you live together, you get to share their beauty too!

The Her Present For Him

Get personal with some beautiful lingerie. Plan a special evening in and give him a lovely massage.  We won’t make any other suggestions and will leave that up to your imagination!  But after a long day at work, there won’t be too many men who will complain about having a little pampering from the love of their life in a seductive lingerie set.

The Gift That Lasts All Year

Subscription gifts have been growing in popularity for the last 5 years.  Companies such as Birchbox surprise you with a box full of beauty products and have recently brought Birchbox Man to their products list. However, there are also Craft Gin subscription boxes and tech subscription boxes so there is a really masculine variety to choose from.  This present is wonderful as it reminds him you love him every month of the year, not just on one day.


So we know it’s not 1990 anymore and tapes are pretty obsolete.  However with iTunes you can create a playlist of all the songs that remind you of him, of love or just artists you think he will enjoy.  It’s a fantastically personal thing to do.  If you are married, include your first dance song.  You can create it online and send it straight to his phone on February the 14th.  How romantic!


Buying a timepiece is a deeply personal gift as this is something he will keep close to him everyday.  You don’t have to think expensive here.  Companies like Swatch have made a real comeback since 2000 and produce retro and contemporary cool pieces for the modern man. Although if you do have a larger budget you can think about going techy with an Apple Watch or investing in something really special from Rolex.  

Couples Pamper Day

We featured pamper days in our Gorgeous Christmas Gift Ideas post.  With the internet full of discount deals buying your partner a spa day doesn’t have to be expensive.  You can find deals which include use of the sauna, spa and swimming pool and there are plenty of tailored sessions with men in mind.  A couples massage is an incredibly bonding experience and a chance for you both to feel a deep sense of relaxation together.  Take some time out and unwind plus … It’s another great present that you benefit from.  Bingo!

There are hundreds of unique and loving gifts out there.  Always think long and hard about who you are buying for.  Take notes of the little things he mentions throughout the year.  Valentine’s Day can seem a little commercialized but with a little extra thought you can ensure it’s true meaning is kept alive.  

George Austin