The Wanderlust Bucket List: Three Dreamy Destinations To Add

We often hear talk about bucket lists. These are lists that can incorporate everything you want to achieve in life. It can be anything from career goals to family, and travel to learning languages. Of course, don’t take your bucket list too seriously. Remember to add everything that takes your fancy and try your hardest to achieve them all! But if certain things don’t work out, don’t worry! That’s what a list is for. You can tick things off, cross things out and add new dreams and goals as you go through life. Having a travel bucket list is a great way to start thinking about the most memorable experiences you can get from travelling.

Today we’re going to focus on wanderlust and add three dreamy destinations to our ever-growing list.

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Experiencing the Northern Lights

One of the ultimate bucket list holiday experiences has to be seeing the Northern Lights. This natural phenomena in the sky are one of the most spiritual and spellbinding explosions of colour you will ever see. They are also known as the Aurora borealis. The Northern Lights occur when electrically charged particles from the sun crash into the earth’s atmosphere and magnetic fields. The result is a sky lit with the most vivid blues, greens and pinks that are simply outstanding. Some of the best places to see the Northern Lights are in the Arctic Circle. Put Iceland, Sweden and Norway on your bucket list to be in with a chance of seeing this incredible explosion of colour.

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An African Safari

Seeing the Big Five in their natural habitat on an African safari is another incredible experience to put on your list. Imagine staying in a luxurious lodge under the South African sun? And imagine the opportunity to see elephant, leopard, lion, buffalo and rhino up close and personal. If you have never been to South Africa, a safari is one of the most spellbinding ways to see nature at its most wild and beautiful. There’s nothing like being 10 metres from a roaring lion and knowing you survived! Safaris offer an opportunity to see animals hunt, mate and use all of their senses. If you love wildlife, conservation and photography, it’s an experience not to be missed. Evening and early morning game drives are exhilarating and exciting and are the epitome of wild and wonderful adventure. Seeing endangered animals in the wild is an awe-inspiring and unforgettable journey. You’ll be forever grateful that you put this one on your list.

The Wanderlust Bucket List Three Dreamy Destinations To AddPhoto: Flickr

The Autumn Leaves in Kyoto

Many people think of the cherry blossom when they think about the colours of Japan. But the Autumn leaves in Kyoto are just as beautiful. The best time to view the leaves is mid-November. Their colours range from fiery red to burnt orange hues, and they are a sight to behold. Japan is an exotic bucket list destination for an authentic holiday experience. You’ll get to experience a serene and beautiful culture and a breathtaking landscape full of colour and creation.  Kyoto is also home to an incredible bamboo forest, Zen temples and the ever elusive red-lipped Geisha. Of course, if you are visiting Japan you will also want to put a tea ceremony, a ride on a bullet train and a crazy night in Tokyo on that bucket list too!

George Austin