Bored Of Your Workout Regime? Weird And Wonderful Olympic Sports To Try Now!

Do you dread going to the gym? Do is it take all your willpower to muster up the energy and motivation to do your post-work jog? If so, why not switch up your workout regime, and take inspiration from the athletes smashing the records in Rio?

If you’re looking to get in shape and have fun at the same time, why not give these weird and wonderful sports a whirl?


Fencing dates back hundreds of years. It was developed in Europe and has foundations in military training and self-defence. To win points, a competitor must make contact with their opponent sing a rapier sword. Fencing has a rich Olympic history and is one of just five sports, which has featured in every modern meet. Fencing requires agility, endurance, speed, and excellent hand-eye coordination.

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If you’ve watched any of the diving at the Rio Olympics, you can’t help but feel inspired. Most people marvel at the twists and turns while thinking they could never do that. But if you’re a thrill seeker with a head for heights, why not give it a go? You’ll find details of local diving clubs online and you can book some lessons. You may not get to Olympic standards anytime soon, but you’ll have some amazing new skills up your sleeve. Diving also provides an incredible workout. You only have to look at the diver’s physiques to see how beneficial it can be for your body.


Have you fallen in love with the dressage competition? Were you on the edge of your seat watching the show jumping? If you’re an animal lover, equestrianism is an amazing sport in which to get involved. Riding requires poise, skill, and composure. It’s also physically demanding. It may look easy to stay on board and sail over jumps. But the riders are actually working incredibly hard up there. If you don’t have space to keep a horse at home, don’t panic. Research local stables and sign up for lessons. If you do dream of owning a horse in the future, you can pay livery fees to stable it elsewhere. Bear in mind that you’ll need to cover additional costs including equine insurance, equipment, and vet’s fees.

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Track cycling

There’s no doubting that the action from the Velodrome has been pulsating. If you’re keen to take up a new sport, and you’re looking for something fast-paced to get your adrenaline-pumping, look no further. It can take a little while to get used to the different types of bikes, but you can hone your skills quickly. This is a sport, which rewards hard work, training and commitment. If you put the hours in, you could go far.

Are you bored of the same old running circuit?  Have you had enough of squats and lunges? Now is a perfect time to try something thing new and take on a different challenge. Let the incredible athletic performances of the Olympic Games inspire you. You never know, it could be you hitting the headlines at Tokyo 2020.


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