What To Do When Your Employer Mistreats You

It can sometimes feel like being an employee is one-way. You give, and the employer takes. But that’s not quite how it’s supposed to be. In fact, it should be a mutually beneficial relationship. But sadly this isn’t always the case. So what can you do when your job goes sour?

Read on to find out.

A problem with colleagues

Firstly it is wise to point out that you are not going to be best buddies with everyone your work with. Ok, you may have to be civil and pass the day once in awhile, but that doesn’t mean you have firm friends. It is quite acceptable to be courteous, even though we can find ourselves being pressured into being super nice to everyone.

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If there is a person that you deal with a lot and things aren’t working out between you need to assess the situation. Can you mention it to them in a friendly manner, or would it be wiser to go to their or your superior? Just remember that people really enjoy others going over their heads. So approach with caution.

A problem with superiors

Probably ones of the most common issues that we can have at work are that we don’t get on with those that are above us. It can be tough to take instruction from someone that you either like or respect. But it is important to delineate between a dislike of that person and how they are treating you. You may not be a fan of their style of things, but that doesn’t necessary mean that they are doing their job wrong.

However, if you do feel like you are being ignored or taken advantage of its best to speak to your union representative. They will help you make a case should it come to that.

People are often concerned that complaining will get them fired. But there are processed place now that help to stop this happening like employment tribunals.

A problem with safety

Your employer has a legal duty to look after your safety while you are in their employ. This can mean anything from marking low doorways to ensuring that you have the right equipment to deal with hazardous materials. Even so many people have the unfortunate experience of an accident at work. If this has, happen to you then speak to a solicitor like Ronald Fletcher & Co. They will be able to help you organise a claim if it was your employer’s fault.

A problem with pay

Are you having problems being paid on time? Is your pay wrong a lot or are you due to a pay rise that just never materialises? Then you could well have a problem with your pay.

 What To Do When Your Employer Mistreats You

Money can be a bit of a tricky subject to discuss with your employer, but remember few people go to work just for the fun of it. That means you have to speak up if you are not being rewarded for what you are doing fairly. Start with a sympathetic superior and work your way up the r hierarchy from there, if the problems still continue.


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