Why move to the Channel Islands

Why Change to the Channel Islands to Live

If you are used to living in the big city, making the move over to the Channel Islands may seem like a complete change of pace. But there are a whole host of advantages associated with moving to Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney or Sark. So, if you have been considering a move out to one of these places, here are a few of the main advantages that you will enjoy.

A Close-Knit Lifestyle

The hustle and bustle of a big city may be appealing for a certain amount of time, but after a while, many people crave something a little more close-knit and personal. Even the largest Channel Island of Jersey has less than 17,000 people living there so you can’t get much more personal than that! If you have always dreamed of living somewhere that everybody knows your name, then this could well be the option for you.

Plenty of Opportunities

People in all different career paths can find opportunities out here so check out Guernsey jobs to get a fuller picture of what is available. As well as employment options, there are also plenty of outdoor attractions, cultural events and performances. And there is also a lot to explore between the different islands themselves so you can travel backwards and forwards to find many of the popular and hidden spots.

Gentle Pace of Life

Once again, the contrast will be most noticeable if you are moving from a big city. The pace of life is a lot gentler without being boring as there are always things to see and do. The locals are very proud of their islands and they ensure that a rich and vibrant life is maintained. People from all walks of life call the Channel Islands their home, so you are always likely to be able to find some like-minded people. High quality cuisine is one of the biggest draws of the islands and you will certainly be able to find some wonderful restaurants around.

Fascinating History

The Channel Islands have a much-disputed history between England and France and there is plenty to explore for history buffs. In more recent times, they were occupied by Nazi forces for much of the Second World War and you will find reminders of this period around the islands.

Beautiful Scenery

There is no doubt that the Channel Islands boast a rugged kind of beauty which is why they attract thousands of visitors every year.  The larger two islands have plenty of beaches to explore and quaint villages that seem to be from another era entirely. Alderney is known for being a place where you can escape from civilization while the smallest island of Sark is famed for its wonderful stargazing opportunities.

These five points represent just some of the main reasons why you would want to consider a move to the Channel Island. Essentially, you can go to enjoy a completely different way of life that will seem a million miles away from London.


George Austin