Will Gym Rule Fitness Goals? 4 Tips To Pick The Best Gym And Achieve Your Goals

 SIGN IN Will Gym Rule Fitness Goals? 4 Tips To Pick The Best Gym And Achieve Your Goals

There’s no more denying it: It’s 2017, and you have the power to make it a great year. If you have decided to create a healthy year, you are probably already looking at healthy eating habits – goodbye donuts, goodbye fast food, and goodbye soda drinks – and at ways to exercise. Some people have the motivation and space at home to create their own fitness studio. But for the rest of humanity, winter workout is synonymous with a gym. So, have you found your perfect gym now? No? Here’s how to do it!

Do You Really Want To Join?

It might sound a little counterproductive, but you should always ask yourself if you really want to join a gym. Indeed, the prospect of large changing rooms and professional equipment is attractive to most people, but you need a little more than thinking that going to the gym is sexy if you want to stick with it in the long term. Therefore, it’s good to sit down and be completely honest about the way you like to exercise. If you are an outdoors enthusiast, it’s likely that the gym won’t keep you happy for long. If you prefer team sports, the gym is not the right thing for you either. So take the time to decide whether you are a gym person or not.

List Your Must Haves

Once you have figured out that gyms are still the way forward for you, it’s time to think carefully about the types of workout that you enjoy at the gym, and about your fitness goals. If you want to train for a marathon, for example, you will be looking for gyms that have high-quality treadmills. But if you are into bodybuilding and weightlifting, you will be more interested in gyms that offer large weightlift areas with a variety of weights and mirrors. In short, make a list of what the gym will need to have to fulfill your fitness mission, what would be nice to have, and what isn’t necessary. A good way to look at it is to read between the lines: A lot of gym studios have their own saunas, for example, but this shouldn’t replace any equipment that you need to achieve your goals.

Compare Locations

As a rule of the thumb, gyms that require a commute time of 5 to 8 minutes, whether walking or driving, are ideal, because the journey will not be so long that you will lose half a day just when you go to the gym. The faster the commute time is, the more often you will be able to go as commuting will not be an obstacle to your motivation. In short, tone up your body at the nearest fitness center if you want to tone up at all. However, do remember to check gym locations around your house and your workplace, you will have more choices then!

Check What Customers Say

The final piece of advice: Check what customers say about the gym before you sign up. The easiest way is to look at what people post on social media, especially Twitter, about the gym, its location, its equipment and the training team. You will soon find out everything you need to know to pick the perfect gym for your needs.