Winter Skincare Guide

Frosty weather can be brutal on your skin. Strong winter winds and dry heat from radiators can make your skin flaky, itchy, irritated and prone to spots.

Blix team rounded up basic winter skincare tips that will help make your skin look radiant and fresh.

Skin Cleansing

Winter is the best time of the year for skin cleansing, especially for those whose skin is prone to pigmentation. Experts believe that while your skin needs to be protected from the Sun in summer, winter is the best time of the year for skin cleansing. There are a number of ways to cleanse your skin: serums, creams, masks.

Nourish Your Skin

If in summer your skin mainly needs moisture, matting and protection (primarily from UV-rays), in winter it needs nutrition, hydration and protection against cold and frosty weather. It’s best to use the beauty products with dense texture. Do NOT use gel creams and serums.

Many brands offer nutritional products designed exclusively for cold weather.


Vinosource Intense Moisture Rescue Cream, Caudalie

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Confort Extreme Day Skin Care, Sisley

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Smoothing and Illuminating Cream Idealia, Vichy

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Skin Protection

If you want to avoid your skin becoming hypersensitive, dry or dehydrated, it is necessary to use daily intensive nutritional products. Make sure your basic skin care, day and night creams and make-up are all based on natural oils (olive extract, rapeseed or sunflower oils, shea butter). To remove your makeup, use mineral water or a mild cleansing milk, which will also nourish the skin.

To prevent redness, use the creams and masks consisting shea butter extract, Andiroba oil extract etc. natural ingredients which will eliminate any redness caused by temperature changes.

Proper Nutrition

In autumn and winter months, you should also pay attention to food: a seasonal deficiency of certain vitamins can weaken your immune system, also cause the deterioration of the skin, dull complexion , flaking , loss of elasticity. For example, vitamin D, found in some varieties of fish,dairy products and eggs , protects the skin from premature aging . Vitamin K contained in some vegetables, fruits , grains and dairy products , fights pigmentation  and B vitamins help protect the skin from the adverse weather conditions.