5 Winter Sun Destinations

Hot and sunny weather, beautiful beach, exotic city… Just imagine how much better you’d feel with warm sunshine bathing your face, toes in sand and cocktail by your side. All you need a little bit of winter Sun! But where is hot during the winter months?
We’ve rounded up the best winter sun destinations to escape the chilly weather for a couple of days!
The Canary Islands 


The nearest place to the UK with guaranteed sunshine in January, these islands are ideal winter destination. In addition to a beach holiday here you can see the volcanoes, as well as go on interesting excursions.

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Goa, India

Goa is the most popular Indian state among tourists. Goa has something for everyone; from long white sandy beaches to Indian cuisine, night entertainment and diving. 





Maldive Islands

One of the most popular and desired destinations that offers stunning natural beauty, unique flora and fauna, clear waters of the Indian Ocean and romantic scenery. In the Maldives, you can relax at any time of the year, except for the summer months as its the rainy season. Air temperature all year ranges from 24 to 30 degrees Celsius. 





February – one of the coldest months of the year in Thailand, when the air temperature drops to 28 degrees Celsius. You can visit Pattaya, Chiang and others, as well as the west coast of the Malay Peninsula – Phuket, Ko Lanta, Koh Samet, Yaoyay, and Pipi. 





Miami Beach is filled with gorgeous art deco hotels, cool nightclubs, fashionable restaurants and of course, huge sandy beaches and warm sunshine. Miami Boat Show, International Film Festival and Miami Carnival are one of a few events taking place during winter months in this hot spot, making it one of our favourite Winter Sun destinations of 2014.