Want To Work From Home? Ideas On Jobs You Can Do Remotely

Want to work from home? Here are 4 types of jobs that could get you started on the path to remote working.

Remote working is becoming far more common as we navigate our way through a whirlwind of busy schedules, long commutes, rising house prices and family ties. If you have drive and determination, there are many positions out there that you can find or create, which will enable you to work from home. Whether you want to run your own business from home or work remotely for a company, there are lots of opportunities to jump on. Working from home is not easy, and it requires a high level of motivation, organization, and willpower. But it also enables you to strike a better work/life balance if you are feeling overwhelmed. Today we’re going to look at some of the opportunities out there that could get you started on the path to remote working.

Proof Reading

Do you have a Master’s or Ph.D. and are au fait with scientific and academic material? If so you can find remote work as a proofreader that supports senior academics from other countries. Proofreader jobs enable you to work from home and control your own schedule while also bringing in a solid income. A proofreader checks edited written text before it is printed or published. Alongside academic works, you may also be able to find work in publishing companies, on magazine websites. Many companies in editorial are always seeking freelancers. You will need to work to tight deadlines, have competent IT skills and work with a high degree of accuracy and grammar. There is no margin for error in this job.

Web Development And Graphic Design

Do you know your coding and HTML and can build websites almost with your eyes closed? If so there are many remote job opportunities out there where you can utilize your skills. The same goes for graphic design. Rather than hiring permanent staff, if companies have a big marketing project coming up, they will often look for freelancers. The key to getting web development jobs is to market yourself effectively. Work hard on referrals and word-of-mouth recognition. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date and makes an impact and search freelance job boards for companies that are looking for designers.

Health And Beauty

The health and beauty industry is booming. People want everything from eyelash extensions to tanning and personal trainers to nutritionists. If you have the correct credentials and lots of training under your belt, you can set up at home and become everything from a fitness instructor to a nutritionist. Or if beauty is your thing you can offer an array of treatments from aromatherapy or sports massage to eyelash extensions and gel manicures. To be successful, you should create a separate clinic in your home that is both professional and relaxing. And to stay ahead of the competition it may be beneficial to offer evening hours and early weekend availability.


If you are not looking for a full-time job from home, but just want to boost your family income you may want to consider at-home tutoring. This can involve anything from exam tutoring and music to dance and sports coaching. Tutoring means you will have a flexible schedule and can fit your clients around other commitments. Many students require help with homework and exams, and if you build up your credibility, you won’t be short of work.

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