The Blix Story So Far…

Blix was originally conceived as a summer project to inspire women everywhere to discover and share their views, experiences and style tips. We wanted to have our own corner of the web where we could organise  our own shopping discoveries, beauty finds and travel notes while also getting answers to our own questions about travel, fashion, food, lifestyle, health and fitness.

BLIX is a Swedish word for girls meaning “JOY or CHEER”.

As time went by, we just couldn’t get enough of the fun and excitement of it. What began as a short term project had evolved into an online magazine that attracted creative and curious minds who were as passionate about traveling, writing, researching and discovering the world as we are.

Now, Blix has become a place where readers can find suggestions about where to shop, eat and stay from a trusted friend based on their personal experiences and views. It’s become more than just a blog. With editors and contributors who live and travel around the world, there’s now a collective of people behind the Blix brand and weekly content for the discerning lady that covers fashion trends, beauty must-haves, wardrobe staples, travel reviews and much, much more.

The Blix message is very simple.

We are still as curious, unbiased, open-minded and as adventurous as ever.

We see the future as being full of promise and possibilities for everyone.

We love everything beautiful and inspiring about life.

We will never recommend anything to you that we don’t love ourselves.

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