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Add Semarang to Your Bucket List

Semarang? What’s that? Actually, it’s a place in Indonesia. Sadly, very few people, who aren’t seasoned travelers, at least, are even aware of its existence, but it is one of the most quaint little places in the whole of Southeast…


Asia: Do Before You Die

Picture Credit: Flickr If you’re not already planning a trip to Asia, now’s the time to start. Why? Quite simply because Asia is one of the most beautiful, varied continents on the planet and everyone should travel there at least…


Blogging Like a Business

Are you a keen blogger? If so, have you ever considered making money from your blogging? Yes? Well, if this is this is the case then have you ever considered turning you blogging and your blog into a serious business?…


A beginner’s guide to Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is the biggest traditional folk festival in the world. Each year more than a million tourists visit Munich during the festival to enjoy the excellent Bavarian beer, traditional food, and music. Here’s our beginner’s guide to Oktoberfest to help…


24 hours in Zagreb

Croatian capital of Zagreb, is full of lovely churches, museums and art galleries. Once two towns, the city is divided into upper and lower areas, each with its own distinctive character. We’ve spent 24 hours in Zagreb in the height…