Don’t Quit the Day Dream

‘Don’t quite the day job,’ they say when you merely mention that you have a dream of not working the same nine to five job you’ve been doing for the past five years. ‘Suck it up,’ they say when you show signs of being sick of waking up at 7 O’Clock every morning. ‘That’s life,’ they say when you moan that the job you do helps fulfill your boss’s dream, and not yours. ‘Maybe one day you’ll win the lottery,’ they say when you say in the passing that you’d like to earn a bit more money.

Don't Quit the Day Dream

Well don’t listen to ‘they’. ‘They’ are not the ones who have to live with the feeling of being so discontented with their life that you have a burning desire to do something about it. ‘They’ are the ones who are happy enough to turn up to work every day, complain about it the most, but never leave. ‘They’ are the people who are happy to help build their boss’s dreams whilst letting their fall onto the wayside. Don’t let ‘they’ turn you into one of them, don’t let them turn you into a ‘they’, and certainly don’t their words of discouragement stop you from chasing your dreams.

If your dream is to help others as a professional health or caregiver: do it. Go to college, go to university. Get on a course where you can get all your qualifications and don’t you stop until you’ve got them. Or if your goal is to help others in a different way, like Julian Richer whose aspiration is to help and champion all struggling musicals on his unsigned artist playlist, then set up your own business or initiative, and do it! If it’s making music that is your dream, or get the ball rolling and upload videos  showcasing your talent on services such as Youtube or Soundcloud.

But having a dream doesn’t always have to mean the same thing as ‘wanting to be famous’. If freedom is your dream, there is a way to do so affordably: for some information check here. But if money is either not a problem for you, or doesn’t worry you in the slightest as its memories you’re after, then make sure to the check these three dreamy destinations to visit.

The point being, whatever your dream: whether it’s to become a doctor, a singer, a traveler or whether it’s just to find a new job, you can do it, despite all the people that don’t have it in them telling you that you can’t.

And remember…

‘You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.’ – C.S. Lewis.